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Nonpublic Lakes and Associations

Special regulations govern operation of vessels, including water skiing and other related activities, on waters administered by non-public lake associations. They must be approved by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Governor.

These rules apply to the bodies of water listed below. If you boat on non-public waters, contact the local lake association for rules and regulations that apply there.

BEAVER LAKE (1 mile south and 1 mile east of Plattsmouth, Cass Co.)

BUCKTAIL LAKE (14 miles west of Osceola, Polk Co.)

CAPITOL BEACH LAKE (West edge of Lincoln, Lancaster Co.) GINGER WOODS (1 1/2 miles southwest of Valley, Douglas Co.)

HANSON LAKE NO. 3 (4 miles south and 1 1/2 miles west of Bellevue, Sarpy Co.)

HAWAIIAN VILLAGE (6 miles south of Papillion, Sarpy Co.)

LAKE OCONEE ESTATES (6 miles west of Columbus, Platte Co.)


LEGGE'S LAKE (3 miles east and 1 1/2 miles south of North Bend, Dodge Co.)

LEISURE LAKE (1/2 mile west of Fremont, Dodge Co.)

MIDDLE ISLAND LAKE (1/2 mile west of South Bend, Cass Co.)

MORNINGSTAR LAKE (14 miles west of Osceola, Polk Co.)

NORTH LAKE (1/2 mile east of South Bend, Cass Co.)

PINE LAKE (1 mile southeast of Lincoln, Lancaster Co.)

RIVERSIDE LAKES (1 mile west of Elkhorn, Douglas Co.)

SACK'S LAKE (3 miles east and 1 mile north of McCool Junction, York Co.)

SUMMER HAVEN (2 miles west of Fremont, Dodge Co.)

SUNDANCE LAKE (14 miles west of Osceola, Polk Co.)

VENTURA LAKE (5 miles east of Fremont, Dodge Co.)

VILLA SPRINGS (2 miles south of Springfield, Sarpy Co.)

WA-CON-DA LAKE (2 miles north and 2 miles east of Union, Cass Co.)

WAGNER LAKE (In Columbus, Platte Co.)

WHITETAIL LAKE (1/2 mile south of Columbus, Platte Co.)

WILLERS COVE (1/2 mile south of Pilger, Stanton Co.)

WILLOW BEN (3 miles south of Central City, Hamilton Co.)

WOLF LAKE (2 miles east of Morse Bluff, Saunders Co.)

WOODCLIFF LAKES (5 miles south and 1 mile east of Fremont, Saunders Co.) end footer

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