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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up for the program?
Go to the NGPC website and look for the Antlerless Deer Hunter Program.

2. Is my personal information required?
The only personal information asked for is Name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number and email address. You will be asked to provide the county and season you wish to hunt and number of deer you wish to harvest. Only your first name, city, phone number and hunting requirements will display in the search.

3. How do I remove my name from the list?
Contact NGPC Wildlife division to remove your name (402-471-5597).

4. Who contacts the hunter?
Landowners that are looking for antlerless hunters will call. Since this is the first year of the program, we do not know how many will participate.

5. What type of permit do I need?
You need a permit that allows the take of antlerless deer in the area and season you hunt.

6. How many permits may I have?
There is no limit on the number of antlerless permits you may buy. Landowners may limit the number of deer you harvest.

7. Can I hunt other animals?
NO. The intent of the program is to harvest antlerless deer.

8. What if the hunter shoots a buck?
There is no law that prevents the hunter from shooting a buck unless the buck is shot out of season or without the proper permit. Landowners should contact NGPC if this occurs and we will remove the person from the program. Hunters who do not comply with landowner wishes should be told to leave the property. If illegal acts occur, the landowner should contact NGPC law enforcement.

9. What is the responsibility of the landowner?
The landowner should meet the hunter and inform the hunter of property open to hunting and the dates they are allowing the person to hunt. Any other concerns the hunter or landowner have should be discussed before hunting begins. The landowner may wish to give the hunter a phone number if other questions arise. The landowner may ask to see the hunter’s permit. The landowner should try to be clear in explaining their expectations of the hunter.

10. What is the responsibility of the hunter?
The hunter should do their utmost to comply with landowner expectations to harvest antlerless deer in a legal and safe manner. The hunter should ask where it is acceptable to hunt, drive or park a vehicle, field dress deer or hang tree stands. Hunters should determine safe shooting lanes, property lines, locations of livestock, dwellings and equipment in the area. The only animals that should be harvested are antlerless deer. The hunter should be respectful and appreciative of the landowner. Hunters should try to avoid harvesting buck fawns or shed bucks. Hunters should inform the landowner of any deer killed and let the landowner know when they are done hunting.

11. What if no landowner contacts me?
While we hope that everyone gets a call, it is likely that some will not be contacted by a landowner. NGPC intends to survey hunters at the end of the hunting season to evaluate the program.

12. What permits allow me to harvest antlerless deer?
Statewide Archery: September 15 – December 31
Statewide Muzzleloader: December 1-31
October Antlerless: October 2-11 in about 60% of the state
Statewide Youth and Season Choice: Sept. 15 – Jan. 18 (weapons allowed vary by date)
November firearm: Nov. 13-21 (permits are either sex and many have a bonus antlerless tag)

13. Can I bring a buddy or my daughter with me once I have permission to hunt?
NOT without permission. Landowners may grant permission to other hunters, but you must ask first.

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