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Permit Information

Several lifetime permit options are available through our program; the Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation will pay half the cost for these permits. Winners must be Nebraska residents age 15 or younger at the time of the drawing. Only one permit may be awarded to a winner in a drawing. Permit options and half-price cost information is show below:

Prices Table (2015)
Age 0-5 years Age 6-15 years
Lifetime Hunt $74.25 (full price: $148.50) $109.50 (full price: $219.00)
Lifetime Fish $153.75 (full price: $307.50) $183.25 (full price: $366.50)
Lifetime Hunt/Fish $212.75 (full price: $425.50) $286.50 (full price: $573.00)
Lifetime Habitat Stamp $200.00 (full price: $400.00) $200.00 (full price: $400.00)
Lifetime NE. Waterfowl Stamp $50.00 (full price: $100.00) $50.00 (full price: $100.00)
Lifetime Fur Harvest $74.25 (full price: $148.50) $109.50 (full price: $219.00)

If you are a conservation organization, or have an event based around outdoor recreation and would like to apply for participation in our program, please submit your request online. If you have questions, you may contact us at (402) 471-5478 (8 a.m.- 5 p.m. M-F).

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