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License Placement

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Boating Guide

Upon application, motorboat owners will receive a certificate of number. This certificate shall be available for inspection whenever the motorboat is afloat.

Certificates of number expire December 31 at the end of each three-year period. No motorboat may be operated after December 31 without the registration being renewed.

A duplicate certificate will be issued by the county treasurer upon satisfactory proof of loss and payment of a $1 replacement fee plus $3 issuing fee.

Any person holding a valid certificate of number who changes his address shall, within 15 days, notify the Game and Parks Commission of the new address.

The owner shall furnish the Game and Parks Commission notice of transfer of all or any part of his interest, within 15 days of the effective date. If the transfer of part ownership does not affect the owner's right to operate the motorboat the transaction will not affect the certificate of number.

The owner shall notify the Game and Parks Commission of the destruction or abandonment of any vessel within 15 days, which will terminate the certificate of number.


Valid Numbering Style

Illustration shows the motorboat numbering system in proper sequence with validation sticker.

Placement and Display of Numbers

The assigned numbers, which are designated on the certificate of number shall be placed on each side of the forward half of the vessel and reading left to right in one horizontal plane, starting with the validation sticker followed by two capital block letters "NB") followed by a 2-inch space and three or four digits in a numerical group followed by a 2-inch space and two or three capital block letters.

Letters and numbers will be block figures at least three inches in height of contrasting color and visible for 100 feet.

Purchase of the letters and numbers except the validation sticker and the attachment to the motorboat are the responsibility of the owner.

No numbers and letters other than the registration numbers, letters and validation stickers shall be displayed on any mechanically-powered boat on either side of the forward half of the vessel.

Dealer Numbers

A person engaged in the manufacture or sale of boats can obtain certificates of number for use in testing or demonstrating motorboats by payment of $40.00 plus $3 issuing fee for each registration needed. Dealer numbers will be temporarily affixed in the prescribed position on the boat.

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