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Part of Missouri River Closed to Recreational Boating

Due to high water, the United States Coast Guard has shut down the Missouri River to all vessel traffic between mile marker 550, where the state lines of Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri meet to mile marker 811, Gavin's Point Dam in Yankton, S.D. Recreational boaters caught on the river put themselves at risk of penalty.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission recommends limited use of the river to protect the public and limit property damage.

The river is flooding in many places because of increased discharges at Gavins Point Dam. Exceptional rainfall in Montana has filled the reservoirs upstream from Gavins Point, causing the need for increased discharges. The high water – and the debris that floats in it – has created a danger to boaters.

Missouri River Flood Information Websites

“River Watch” for daily information on reservoir levels, inflows, releases, inundation maps, weather forecast and much more: http://us.vocuspr.com/Publish/520028/PRAssetNWORiverwatch.xml

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Omaha District, flood information: http://www.nwo.usace.army.mil/html/op-e/flood.html

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, has established a Joint Information Center to ensure timely and coordinated release of accurate information to the public by providing a single release point of information.

E-mail questions to the Joint Information Center at MRJIC@usace.army.mil or call (402) 996-3877.

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Kansas City District, flood information: http://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Flood/index.cfm

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Northwestern Division, Missouri River Water Management, Reservoir Control Center: http://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Flood/index.cfm

State Park Areas Affected by Flooding

The following is a status report as of June 24. The status of some areas changes daily. Park visitors should call the individual park area for specific details regarding status of the park operations or check with the Nebraska Department of Roads via phone (511) or www.511.nebraska.gov to get information about road conditions and closures.

As of Noon - July 1, 2011

Status of park areas along the Missouri River

Verdel Landing and all (Niobrara area) Game and Parks maintained Missouri River boat accesses - Closed

Niobrara State Park - Park is open; all activities are open. Access to the park via Hwy 14 is open. Highway 12 east of Niobrara and west of the park is closed. Highway 14 and 20 are open. Detours are marked from Highway 12 via gravel roads east and west, we suggest Highway 14. The park hiking trail near the river and over the walk bridge is closed. Call park for specific information (402) 857-3373.

Lewis and Clark SRA - The recreation area, campgrounds and cabins are open. Limited impacts, call park for specific information (402) 388-4169. Boat accesses at Miller Creek, Bloomfield and Weigand remain open for boating on the reservoir. Boaters are advised to stay a safe distance from the dam/spillway and to watch for floating debris associated with high inflow. South Shore boat access is closed due to construction of a jetty at that location.

Boating on the Missouri River from Gavins Point Dam and downstream along the entire Nebraska border is closed, therefore all public boat accesses are closed.

Ponca State Park - Limited impacts, call park for specific information, (402) 755-2284. The riverside campground and boat ramp are closed due to high water and flooding. Main campgrounds, cabins, and majority of park activities unaffected and open to the public. The scenic overlook provides a good vantage point for viewing the river. The Missouri River Outdoor Expo, in September, is going to be held and all activities will continue as scheduled.

Pelican Point SRA - (Tekamah area) - Closed to camping, boat access closed. County access road is flooded and closed.(Nearby Summit Lake SRA is open, unaffected and very good fishing success on bluegill and crappie).

Fort Atkinson SHP - (Fort Calhoun area) - Visitor Center and Historic Fort are open. Viewing deck provides a good vantage point for viewing the River. Trail to the portion of park located below the bluff is closed due to flooding of the lowland portion of the park; call park for details 402-468-5611. Hwy 75 is open as of July 1. Hwy 30 between Blair and Missouri Valley will reopen July 1.

Riverview Marina SRA - (Nebraska City) - Closed to camping, boat access closed.

Arbor Lodge SHP - (Nebraska City - unaffected and open).

Indian Cave State Park - Access to the park is open, campgrounds are open, most hike/bike trails are open. Missouri River boat access and the road to the historic cave are closed. The one-way loop road that leads to the old town St Deroin living history site, and scenic overlook is closed due to partial flooding; Living History events, when scheduled, are relocated to the museum area. Call the park for specific details (402) 883-2575. All roads from the north are open on the Nebraska side. Travelers cannot cross from interstate into Nebraska at Nebraska City, Brownville or Rulo. If coming from Iowa, take I-80 west, then south once reaching into Nebraska. Missouri travelers can divert over into Kansas and take Hwy 73 north.

Status of East Region park areas along the Platte River

E. T. Mahoney State Park - Park is open and unaffected.

Platte River State Park - Park is open and unaffected.

Two Rivers SRA - Park is open and unaffected.

Fremont SRA - Park is open and unaffected.

Louisville SRA - Park is open and unaffected.

Schramm SRA - Park is open and unaffected.

Status of East Region park areas along the lower Elkhorn River

Dead Timber SRA - Electrical campground is open. Majority of the park is still impacted by the 2010 and spring 2011 floods, therefore access is limited or restricted by signage.

Portions of the park will be restored as a "natural area" for non-motorized access during 2011. Campers should be advised that the river basin is well saturated and any rainfall may result in a rapid rise of the river in the vicinity of this park area. Call Fremont SRA for details (402) 727-2922.

Two Rivers SRA - Park is open and unaffected.

State Emergency Contact Numbers

(515) 725-3231

24-hour operations - (402) 471-7421
24-hour emergency - (402) 499-1219
24-hour emergency - (402) 499-1227
State EOC - (877) 297-2368

South Dakota
(605) 773-3231
(877) 579-0015



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