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Invasive Species Information and Tips

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Invasive species jeopardize vital wildlife and fish habitat, threatening two of Nebraska’s oldest traditions – hunting and fishing. It is critical to protect the habitats that support wildlife and fisheries.

“Invasive species cost the Midwest millions of dollars in damages and management efforts each year,” Nebraska Invasive Species Project Coordinator Karie Decker said. “Sportsmen, perhaps more than any other group, are uniquely positioned to expand and promote the fight against invasive species. If you come across invasive species, let us know. Reporting problem areas will help us maintain healthy habitats.”

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Firewood Alert - Help Prevent Emerald Ash Borers in Nebraska

Voluntary Firewood Restriction

If you have brought firewood from another state, please burn it immediately and do not transport it to another location.  Many invasive pests are being transported across our country in firewood.  The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a serious pest that is near Nebraska’s border.  Your cooperation to help prevent EAB from invading Nebraska woodlands and landscapes is vital to protecting our valuable natural resources.

If you need additional firewood, your options are:

  1. Purchase firewood at parks that sell it.
  2. Purchase firewood at vendors near many parks
  3. Gather dead firewood laying on the ground within park boundaries.

Learn more about invasive pests and the risk of transporting firewood at: 

Reporting Invasive Species
invasive species iphone app

Visit apps.bugwood.org to download the free MRWC–EDDMapS invasive species reporting app for Android and iPhone. Re­ports are sent to the appropriate authori­ties for verification.

For more information, or to report an invasive species, visit the Nebraska Invasive Species Project at http://snr.unl.edu/invasives.

With upcoming hunting seasons, sportsmen and sportswomen have an opportunity to help protect wildlife habitat against the impacts of invasive species.

Invasive Phragmites and purple loosestrife in wetlands and along shorelines have devastated waterfowl habitat.


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