Fish Identification Guide

Yellow Bullhead
Ameiurus natalis
Illustrations by Joe Tomelleri
Description: A chubby, scaleless fish having an adipose fin, 8 barbels (those under the mouth white or yellow colored) that are used to locate food, and a slight notch on the rear margin of the tail fin. Many anglers are mistaken by thinking they can be stung by the whiskers (barbels). What they have to be aware of are the hard spines (one in the dorsal fin and one in each pectoral fin) that can inflict a puncture wound if the fish is mishandled. Bottom-feeder, diet primarily consists of immature aquatic insects, small crustaceans, and plant material.
Family: Catfish
Type: Commercial Fish
Range: Eastern half of state, rare in southwest.

Source: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission website at