Fish Identification Guide

Alosa pseudoharengus
Illustrations by Joe Tomelleri
Description: Silvery, streamlined fish with a projecting lower jaw, triangular-shaped axillary process at base of pelvic fin and saw-toothed keel. The dorsal fin is far forward of anal fin with last dorsal fin ray not elongated to a slender filament. Faint black spot behind upper end of opercle. Considered a filter feeder and grazer - consuming small plants (primarily algae) and invertebrates (primarily zooplankton and small insects). They have also been found to consume eggs and fry of various fish species which can reduce those species' abilities to maintain self-replenishing populations. They are not native to Nebraska and have been stocked to provide additonal prey for open-water predators. Can produce large populations that occasionally experience extensive die-offs.
Family: Herring
Type: Baitfish
Range: Stocked as prey in selected sandpits and reservoirs.

Source: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission website at