Fish Identification Guide Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Yellow Bass
Morone mississippiensis
Illustrations by Joe Tomelleri
Description: A silvery-yellowish, flat bodied fish with 3 anal fin spines (second and third spine length nearly equal); sides with several dark, prominent horizontal lines along the sides (broken and offset above front of anal fin); 2 dorsal fins that are slightly connected; and no teeth on base of tongue. It is a non-native, temperate bass that has become established in several waters. They are a schooling fish and primarily feed on small crustaceans, insects, and significant quantities of fish - even their own young. Can stunt if there is an insufficient number of predators.
Note: This fish species can be very harmful for the state's aquatic resources. If you are confident that you captured or observed this fish, contact the nearest NGPC Fisheries personnel or the Commission's Private Waters Specialist at (402) 471-5435 and report where it was found (name of the lake, stream, river, sandpit, etc.), a legal description for the location (section, township, range) and date. Also include your name and phone number for a followup investigation.
Family: Temperate Bass
Type: Non-Game Fish
Range: Some southeast lakes, reservoirs, and sandpits.

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