Fish Identification Guide Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Orangespotted Sunfish
Lepomis humilis
Also known as: sunfish
Illustrations by Joe Tomelleri
Description: A rather flat, slab-sided fish with a relatively large mouth. Pectoral fin is rounded and moderately short. Gill cover tab black with whitish margin. Small, colorful sunfish, with numerous reddish-brown spots, red eyes, and reddish-orange sides and fins. Does well in pools and backwaters of streams with low or intermittent flow. Diet primarily consists of small crustaceans, larval aquatic insects, and an occasional small fish. Spawning habits similar to green sunfish. Seldom reaches size sought by anglers.
Family: Sunfish
Type: Sport Fish
Range: Statewide, uncommon in the Panhandle.

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