Fish Identification Guide Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Silver Carp
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix
Illustrations by Joe Tomelleri
Description: A silvery, heavy-bodied fish with large head, upturned mouth, small scales, eyes forward in lower portion of head (projecting somewhat downward), and a keel on belly from anus to near bases of pectoral fins. A native of China that was brought to Arkansas waters and escaped. A very efficient filter feeder that consumes zooplankton (microscopic invertebrates), detritus (particulate organic matter), and algae. Competes with native planktivores (such as paddlefish and buffalo) and young of many other native fish. Adults leap out of water when disturbed.
Note: This fish species can be very harmful for the state's aquatic resources. If you are confident that you captured or observed this fish, contact the nearest NGPC Fisheries personnel or the Commission's Private Waters Specialist at (402) 471-5435 and report where it was found (name of the lake, stream, river, sandpit, etc.), a legal description for the location (section, township, range) and date. Also include your name and phone number for a followup investigation.
Family: Minnow (Large)
Type: Non-Game Fish
Range: Open waters of pools and backwaters in channels of Missouri River and lower portions of tributary rivers.

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