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Archery Paddlefish - Missouri River

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Paddlefish may be taken by bow and arrow and possessed on open waters of the Missouri River only during the season.

The area of the Missouri River open to archery paddlefish is from Gavins Point Dam downstream to the mouth of the big Sioux river at mile marker 734, except for a closed area that extends downstream from Gavins Point Dam to a line that extends from he east end of the south cement wall of the discharge canal northwest to the east end of the north wall of the stilling basin. A valid fishing license is required.

Paddlefish harvested by bow and arrow may be possessed only on the Missouri River that is open during the respective season in the area designated as open for harvest.


One person may have no more than two Nebraska archery permits and two Nebraska snagging permits per year.

• Permits and their accompanying tags are nontransferable.

• Permits are issued using a preference system. The applicant will receive a preference point if he or she is unsuccessful in being awarded a permit.

• Any person that does not apply at least once during five consecutive years will lose all accumulated points.

Buddy Applications –Buddy permits are for two applicants only. Applicants must be either both residents or both nonresidents. If there is a difference in preference points, the applications will be assigned to the applicant with the lowest preference points.

All paddlefish archery anglers must obtain and have in their possession a paddlefish tag in addition to a fishing license (if required).

Any paddlefish landed must be tagged immediately in the dorsal fin with the angler's tag.

Any paddlefish tag that is locked shut prior to attachment, altered, or modified shall be void and will not be replaced.

A harvest quota will be managed by issuing a limited number of free paddlefish tags with a limit of no more than two tags per person.

Only the head, viscera, and tail may be removed from archery-harvested paddlefish during transport until the place of residence is reached or the paddlefish is consumed.

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