Family Hunting Like it Used to be
Here in Nebraska!

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What Permits and Stamps do I need to Hunt?

Family hunting like it used to be is alive and well here in Nebraska! Deer and turkey permits for adults are more plentiful and available than ever. And for the kids, deer and turkey permits are only $5 (that’s right – five dollars). There is no minimum age for turkey hunters, making for a perfect “first hunt" opportunity.

Our deer and turkey populations are at historic highs. We have both whitetail and mule deer, plus three subspecies of turkeys (Merriams, Eastern, and Rio Grande).

Other reasons to hunt Nebraska include…
  • No minimum age for turkey hunters - a perfect "first hunt" opportunity
  • Long fall turkey season runs through December 31
  • Deer and turkey populations at historic highs
  • Up to 2 youth fall turkey and 2 youth deer tags per hunter
  • Youth permits are good for whitetail or mule deer
  • Bonus antlerless whitetail tags are included on youth deer permits.

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