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EHD in Nebraska

Information and Frequently Asked Questions:


EHD Information Handout

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Some areas of Nebraska are experiencing a significant Hemorrhagic Disease (includes Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) and bluetongue) outbreak. While there has been significant impact in some areas and little in others, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) does not believe the impact is dire. See map of cases reported to date. (see below)

Click on the image below to view the larger map

  • The severity of losses can be highly localized, so hunters are encouraged to communicate with landowners about potential changes in deer hunting opportunities where they plan to hunt, and make permit purchases accordingly.

  • The disease is expected to continue until the first hard frost which should kill the midge that transmits the virus.  Humans are not at risk by handling infected deer, eating venison from infected deer or being bitten by infected midges.
  • NGPC is requesting the public and staff to continue to report dead/dying deer with symptoms of HD, as this will allow us to determine the distribution of the disease and possible localized areas with a high prevalence of the disease.
  • Remember, Nebraska and many other states have experienced HD outbreaks in the past.

Video on EHD

How NGPC is responding:

  • NGPC will consider reductions in 2012 antlerless deer permits at the October 26 meeting of the Board of Commissioners in North Platte. Permit reductions of 20-50% are recommended in 18 antlerless only units, and the River Antlerless permit quota is recommended to change from “unlimited” to 4,500 permits. If changes are approved, they will go into effect after the commission meeting. All permits purchased prior to the approved changes will remain valid.

  • New recommended quotas for antlerless deer units are as follows: Blue Northwest 2,000; Blue Southeast 2,400; Buffalo 250; Calamus East 200; Calamus West 150; Elkhorn 1,800; Keya Paha 250; Loup East 750; Loup West 250; Missouri 750; Pine Ridge 640; Plains 480; Platte 800; Republican 2,000; Sandhills 350; Upper Platte 240; and Wahoo 2,100.  The total reduction amounts to nearly 9,000 antlerless permits, leaving more than 17,000 permits from the original quotas still available. Click here for a map of recommended quotas by deer units.

  • At this time, NGPC is not considering changes to the November firearm or muzzleloader seasons.

    To view larger map click the image below


River Antlerless Map

To view larger map click the image below


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Articles and Papers of Interest

The articles on EHD below are an indication of how widespread this disease has affected deer populations.




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