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Focus on Pheasants and Quail Management Habitat Tour

This tour will highlight various habitat managment activities on the wildlife managmnt areas and private lands in the Focus on Pheasants partnership. To learn more visit the FOP page

Watch University of Nebraska -Lincoln Student track pheasants to Nest using Telemetry

Researchers from the Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit have begun a three year study examining the benefits of wildlife incentive programs on pheasant populations in Nebraska's Southwest Focus on Pheasants area. Currently, there are 30 birds equipped with radio transmitters to track movements and habitat use on both public access sites and private lands. This includes 3 hens equipped with solar-powered GPS devices, cutting edge technology researchers are testing for the first time on pheasants. Throughout the spring and summer researchers will quantify hen nest site choice, clutch size, egg size and renesting to evaluate the benefits of management practices to pheasant reproduction. Additional birds will be radio-marked this August and September as part of an ongoing effort to monitor pheasant populations in the Southwest Focus area.

RRT Dog's Eye View: NE Banded Pheasant

New Nebraska Landowner Incentive Program to Enhance Pheasant Hunting

Landowners in parts of southwest Nebraska may enroll acres in a new incentive program to enhance pheasant hunting in the area, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The Wheat Stubble Management Program is offered in portions of northwest Hitchcock, southeast Hayes and northwest Red Willow counties. This area is known as the Southwest Focus on Pheasants area.

Landowners receive payments for tall wheat stubble and pheasant friendly managed wheat stubble acres enrolled, and they receive an additional payment if those acres allow public walk-in hunting access. Each landowner may enroll up to 320 acres for two years.

The goals of the program are to increase and improve pheasant habitat, increase bird populations and provide additional public hunting access on private land.

Focus on Pheasants is a joint effort by Game and Parks, Pheasants Forever and resource and conservation partners to increase the pheasant population by creating and enhancing critical habitat areas through practices such as interseeding, light disking, prescribed burning, and the planting of native grasses and forbs.

Landowners interested in enrolling land in the Wheat Stubble Management Program should contact T.J. Walker or Justin Haahr at (308) 535-8025.


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