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South Central Focus on Pheasants Area Information

During the March Commissioner meeting the commissioners approved the Focus on Pheasants plan to create a new focus area. The South-Central Focus on Pheasants area includes 353,275 acres in portions of Furnas and Harlan counties which includes the current Harlan County Reservoir.

April 2012 - "Ag and Pheasants" Landowner Workshop - We will be hosting a landowner workshop on June 7th in Beaver City to promote FOP incentives available to landowners. Bob Klein (UNL extension) has agreed to present on the moisture-related benefits of tall wheat/milo stubble in ecofallow rotations. We will also be hosting the Habitat Tour on June 6th at Harlan Reservoir to show some of the results of Focus on Pheasants work.
Currently there are 39.5 acres completed out of the 600.5 total acres in slated for upgrades this spring.

Southcentral FOP Area MAP

Wheat Stubble

Corners for Wildlife

Open Fields and Waters Summary

Open Fields and Waters

Improving Habitat

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