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Elk Landowner Eligibility Rules

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Nebraska’s elk population has been allowed to grow because of landowner support for elk, and a primary reason for that support is the availability of landowner elk permits. Game and Parks has increased the amount of information required of landowners who apply for an elk permit to help ensure those who apply are eligible.

Landowner Elk Application | Landowner Elk Zones

In 2011, nonresident landowners are eligible for elk permits. Nebraska statute 37-455 requires that residents have preference over nonresidents. We meet those requirements with rules that favor residents:

  1. Nonresident permit fee is $458 vs. $39.40 for resident
  2. Nonresident acreage is 1,280 acres owned vs. 320 acres owned or 640 acres leased for resident
  3. Nonresident earn a smaller preference point (0.9) vs. 1 for residents


  1. If land is owned by a resident or nonresident, the Owner, Spouse or Child of the owner qualifies.
  2. If land is leased by a resident, the Leaseholder, Spouse or Child of leaseholder qualifies. Nonresident leaseholders do NOT qualify.
  3. Landowner applicants are NOT required to live in the same household as the landowner.
  4. Qualifying land MUST be used for agricultural purposes such as crop or livestock production. Recreational land does NOT qualify.
  5. The maximum number of applicants allowed for one farm/ranch is determined by size of the property in total acres, divided by the minimum acreage requirement. Example: Resident Elk Landowner - 640 acres owned/320 acres = two landowner applications allowed.
  6. Persons may have no more than one landowner permit per species. Fall turkey and spring turkey permits are treated separately.
  7. ELK: Landowner elk applicants who lease or own land are NOT required to live in an elk zone.
  8. ELK only: Landowner applications for elk permits must be submitted to a Game and Parks District office that has authority for the elk management unit listed on the application form.

Elk landowner application forms must be sent
to the district offices listed below:

Ash Creek, Bordeaux Creek, Hat Creek, North Platte River units
Alliance Office
299 Husker Road
Alliance, NE 69301
Phone: (308) 763-2940

Box Elder unit
North Platte Office
444 State Farm Road
North Platte, NE 69101
Phone: (308) 535-8025

Boyd, Niobrara River units
Norfolk Office
2201 N 13th
Norfolk NE, 68701
Phone: (402) 370-3374

Table 1. Landowner Permit applicant acreage requirements:


Resident rules

Non-Resident rules

Hunt Location


Own 320 acres in elk zone
Own/Lease 640 acres in elk zone

Own 1,280 acres in elk zone
Not eligible on leased land

On land in elk unit

Antelope, Deer, Turkey

Own or lease 80 acres

Own 320 acres

On owned or leased property as described

Table 2 - Acres, Price and Preference for LO Antelope (A), Deer (D), Elk, Spring Turkey (ST) and Fall Turkey (FT). (Residency of owner determines minimum acres. Residency of applicant determines price and preference.)


Acre Rules


Preference Points

Resident owner application: (includes owner, spouse, children)

Resident acres:
80 acres Owned or Leased for A,D,FT,ST
For elk, Own 320 acres in elk zone
For elk, Own/Lease 640 acres in elk zone

Antelope = $20.50
Deer = $15.50   
Elk = $39.40
Turkey = $12.50

Elk = 1 point
Pronghorn = 1 point

Nonresident owner application: (includes owner, spouse, children)

Nonresident acres:
320 acres Owned for A,D,FT,ST
1,280 acres Owned for Elk

Antelope = $79.75
Deer = $105
Elk = $458 
Turkey = $46

Elk = 0.9 point
Pronghorn = 0.9 point

Nonresident owner and Resident applicant: (i.e. resident children)

Nonresident Acres:
320 acres owned for A,D,FT,ST
1,280 acres owned for Elk

Antelope = $20.50
Deer = $15.50  
Elk = $39.40
Turkey = $12.50

Elk = 1 point
Pronghorn = 1 point

Resident owner and Nonresident applicant: (i.e. nonresident, children)

Resident Acres:
80 acres owned for A,D,FT,ST
For elk, Own 320 acres in elk zone
For elk, Own/Lease 640 acres in elk zone

Antelope = $79.75
Deer = $105
Elk = $458 
Turkey = $46

Elk = .9 point
Pronghorn = 0.9 point

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