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Costs of Equipment

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The following is a list of the material, special gear, shelter, and food costs that are typical of a first-year falconer. Those items followed by *** are those that usually require annual or more frequent replacement or repair. The high and low ranges for these items are indicated. The low figures indicate the cost for MINIMUM acceptable quality of the item in question. The high figures indicate the expense of going high quality. Of course, individuals may be able to beat certain of these costs in special cases, but in general they are a fair representation of the costs a would-be devotee to the “art and practice of hawking” could expect to incur.

* Swivels (2) *** $6-$8
* Falconer’s Glove *** $15-$100
* Bells (2 Pair) *** $24-$60
* Leather for leashes, jesses, lures, etc. *** $25-$75
* Leather working and other special tools $20-$50
* Perches *** $20-$300
* National and Regional falconry club dues *** $10-$50
* Shelters for the bird $500-$1000
* Miscellaneous $20-$50

TOTAL $640-$1693

This cost summary does not include the cost of transportation to and from the flying and hunting areas. According to area falconers, purchasing gas can be the individual falconer’s greatest expense. Also, such matters as attending national and regional field meets can get very expensive. In short, while one does not have to be wealthy to be a falconer, the expenses are large enough to be a major factor in deciding whether to attempt the sport.

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