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About | Report a Crime | Resources | Conservation Officers | Game Laws | Contribute

Game Laws

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It is Unlawful to...

  • Hunt migratory birds without a HIP registration number.
  • Interfere with a person lawfully engaged in hunting, trapping or fishing.
  • Hunt on private land without permission of the owner or agent.
  • Use a hunting permit or stamp unless signed by the holder.
  • Lend or transfer a permit to another person.
  • Borrow a hunting permit from another person.
  • Procure a permit under an assumed name.
  • Falsely state the place of legal residence.
  • Hunt or secure a permit if disqualified from holding a permit.
  • Refuse to show the hunting permit on demand to any person or officer whose duty it is to enforce the game laws and regulations.
  • Hunt or trap unless required permits, stamps, and Hunter Education card are in your possession.
  • Take a legal limit of any species and return to take more of the same species in the same day.
  • Hunt, take, or trap any game birds from a vehicle of any kind.
  • Take furbearers other than with snares, metal spring traps with smooth jaws or box traps except that raccoon, red fox, gray fox, bobcat, badger, long-tailed weasel, striped skunk, mink and opossum may be taken by firearm or bow.
  • Possess any live furbearers.
  • Shoot from any public highway, road or bridge.
  • Have or carry a loaded shotgun in or on any vehicle on any highway or roadway. A shotgun is considered loaded if there is a shell or shells in the chamber, receiver or magazine.
  • Hunt, drive, or disturb game birds or game animals with or from any aircraft or boat propelled by power or sail.
  • Hunt game birds with any swivel gun, rifle or pistol.
  • Shoot or attempt to shoot any bird, fish or other animal from an aircraft.
  • Carry a firearm, bow and arrow or other projectile device on a snowmobile, except when unloaded and in a case.
  • Take or hunt any wild animal or bird from or with a snowmobile.
  • Possess a pistol, while hunting, if under 18 years of age.
  • Dig, cut or destroy natural or planted vegetation on any state-owned or state-controlled area.
  • Cause game birds or game animals to depart from a game reserve or game sanctuary.
  • Hunt, take, or trap any wild mammal or wild bird within a 200-yard radius of an inhabited dwelling or livestock feedlot, unless permission to do so has been granted by the owner or tenant of that dwelling or feedlot.
  • Communicate the location of any game animal or game bird by radio or other electronic device to or from from any aircraft, vessel, vehicle, snowmobile or other conveyance one day before or during the open season.
  • Take game birds or animals or to hawk except during the legal shooting or hawking hours.
  • Take crows by means other than firearms, bow and arrow and falconry.
  • Take migratory game birds with a trap, snare, net, crossbow, rifle, pistol, swivel gun, shotgun larger than 10 gauge, punt gun, battery gun, fishhook, poison, drug, explosive or stupefying substance.
  • Take migratory game birds from a sinkbox, from any motorboat unless motor is shut off and boat stopped, from a car or other motor-driven land conveyance, from an aircraft, or from a sailboat unless the sail is furled and the boat is stopped.
  • Take migratory game birds by use or aid of live decoys.
  • Use records or tapes of bird calls, sounds, or electrically amplified imitations of bird calls to take game birds.
  • Hunt or take any game birds by baiting or attracting them to the place where hunted by distribution of grain or other feeds. Federal regulations consider an area baited for 10 days after bait is removed.
  • Possess more than one daily bag limit of migratory game birds while in the field or when returning from the field to one's car, hunting camp, etc.
  • Take migratory game birds by driving or chasing them with any motorized conveyance to put them in range of hunters.
  • Hunt migratory game birds without making a reasonable effort to retrieve dead or crippled birds and including them in the daily bag. Crippled birds must be killed immediately.
  • Shoot mourning doves or bobwhite quail except when in flight.
  • Party hunt in Nebraska. Every hunter must shoot his own game.

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