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How to Report violations

There are two ways to report game or fish violations, whether you are interested in a possible reward or not:

(1) Call the toll-free Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers hotline in Lincoln at 1-800-742-7627. This hotline is answered by a Game and Parks Commission staff member from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. After hours and on weekends and holidays, it is answered by the Nebraska Crimestoppers operator and information is relayed to a Commission conservation officer.

(2) Contact your nearest conservation officer any time. In many cases, an investigation can be initiated much faster if information is given directly to the nearest conservation officer.

Whether you call the hotline or the nearest conservation officer, you can remain anonymous. You can be assigned a number, and the information will be handled under that number.

To assist in reporting violations, a list of conservation officers and their telephone numbers is provided along with an outline of the information you should try to provide. The more help you can give, the better the chances the case can be investigated successfully.

Helpful Information

When reporting a violation, please note as many facts as possible immediately. You will be asked a variety of questions. and the more information you can provide, the quicker the violator can be caught, and the case successfully prosecuted.

What type of violation was it, and what happened? When and where did it happen? Give the date, time and location.

Give as much information as possible about the suspect - name, address, telephone, physical description (weight, height, hair color, eyes, clothing and any other pertinent information). Was the person armed or carrying a concealed weapon?

Were firearms involved in the violation?

What about the suspect's vehicle - make, year, color, style. License number and any other distinguishing feature like dented fenders?

What animals or fish were involved, how many, and where are they now?

What about other physical evidence - like hides, entrails, guns, cartridge cases, knives and such?

Will the illegal game or evidence be moved soon? If so, when and where to?

Were there other witnesses? Give their names and any other information about the violation, suspect or violations that you may have noted.

Callers to the Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers Hotline, 1-800-742-7627, may remain anonymous. When you call, a number is assigned, and all information and reward payments will be processed under that number.

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