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Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers

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Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers is a cooperative wildlife law enforcement program, sponsored by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the Nebraska Wildlife Protectors Association. It is similar to the well-known Crime Stoppers program and offers rewards for information resulting in arrests for game law violations. The Game and Parks Commission provides a toll-free hotline, investigative operations and public information. The Wildlife Protectors, a group of concerned citizens, handles fundraising and reward payment. NWPA determines when and the amount of rewards to be paid.

The need for Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers is obvious, judging from the many acts of poaching and other game-related violations that come to the attention of sportsmen and law enforcement officers each year. Often evidence is lacking and no arrests are made. Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers allows informants to remain totally anonymous - identified only by a number. Protecting the identity of informants together with a reward for accurate violation information hopefully will encourage cooperation by those who have information and might not come forward otherwise. Naturally, we hope that we continue to receive information from concerned citizens and sportsmen who are willing to give their names and appear in court if necessary.

How Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers Works

To insure informants remain anonymous, if they wish to do so, on first contact, Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers assigns identification numbers to persons who provide information. This number also serves as the case file number until the case is closed. Obviously, it would be more helpful if informants would give their names so follow-up contacts could be arranged easier. Even if an informant does give his or her name, it will be kept completely confidential, unless the informant authorizes the release of his or her name.

If the informant wishes to remain anonymous and an ID number is assigned, he or she will be asked how subsequent contacts can be made to advise of case progress and/or arrange for payment of a reward. The options for follow-up contact will include having the informant call back, having the investigating officer call the informant or publishing reward information in a local newspaper by referring only to the ID number. To guarantee that the contact person responds to such follow up contacts, each informant will also be asked to give some unique identifying information that would be known, only to him or her, such as favorite color or the like.

Rewards will be paid in cases where charges are filed, no matter what the outcome in court is. The Wildlife Protectors Association board decides the amount of each reward under guidelines set forth in the organization bylaws. Rewards can be paid in cash or by check as the informant wishes.

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