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If enroute, while hunting or returning to home, no tags are required if licensee accompanies the game (big game excepted). It is unlawful to give, put or leave any game birds or game animals at any place or in the custody of another person unless the birds or game animals are tagged with the following hunter information: (1) name, (2) address, (3) phone number, (4) date of birth, (5) permit number or seal number (if deer, antelope or elk,bighorn sheep), (6) estimated pounds of meat for deer, antelope and elk, bighorn sheep, (7) species of birds or animals and total number of each, (8) date taken, and if transferred by gift, (1) signature of donor and name of recipient.

If shipped by commercial carrier, game birds and game animals must be tagged with official tags. These tags are available from Game Commission offices and conservation officers. Pheasant and grouse must have head or one leg attached for identification purposes. All migratory game birds except doves must have one fully feathered wing or head plumage attached when in transport.

Claiming Road-Killed Deer, Antelope or Elk

A person who accidentally kills a deer, antelope or elk with a motor vehicle may field dress and take possession of the animal at the time of the accident and take it to his or her residence. The person must notify the Game and Parks Commission within 24 hours of the time the carcass is picked up and before the animal is processed so a conservation officer or designee may issue the person a salvage permit. Meat from these animals may be possessed for 90 days after salvage permit is issued. It is unlawful to sell or trade any meat from a salvaged carcass. An individual may possess only one road-killed carcass at any one time and must have a salvage permit for the carcass in his or her possession. It is illegal to possess a deer or antelope carcass that bears evidence of being shot illegally.


Location Restrictions


    Hunting and trapping are permitted on state lands designated as Wildlife Management Areas, unless otherwise posted. See Public Hunting Lands section for locations and information.


    Hunting is permitted on many State Recreation Areas from the first Tuesday following Labor Day through conclusion of the spring turkey season, unless prohibited or restricted by appropriate signs or specific area regulations. Hunting is prohibited within 100 yards of any public use facility or activity area, including picnic areas, campgrounds, private cabins, concession areas, boat ramps and parking lots. A State Park Vehicle Entry Permit is required year-round on recreation areas.


    Portions of some state parks are open to hunting in accordance with special area regulations. Check with each Park office for more information. A Park Entry Permit is required year-round on state parks. State Historical Parks are closed to all hunting.


    Most hunting in Nebraska is done on private land. Permission of the landowner or his agent is required to hunt, trail game or retrieve downed game on private lands whether posted or not (including railroad rights-of-way). Always respect the landowner's rights. DON'T TRESPASS! It is recommended that you get permission before the hunting season.


    It is unlawful to shoot from any bridge, highway, or roadway, including the traveled surface and the right-of-way.

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