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Nebraska Public Access Atlas

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Hard copy versions (printed) copies of the Public Access Atlas are available at most sporting goods stores and Game and Parks offices.To view the Public Access Atlas online you will need Acrobat reader, go to Adobe.com to download the program if it is not on your computer.

DROUGHT IN NEBRASKA – How has the drought affected public access sites?
The U.S. Department of Agriculture opened Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) tracts in Nebraska to emergency haying and grazing. As a result, some public access tracts listed in this atlas may have been hayed or grazed, resulting in reduced or no huntable cover. However, since some huntable cover often remains after haying and grazing, the areas still appear in the atlas and are posted as open to hunting. Game and parks staff will inspect each area and adjust contract payment for acres that no longer provide acceptable wildlife cover. Although haying and grazing reduced habitat quantity and quality this year, these disturbances can ultimately result in better, more diverse habitat in future years when normal rainfall patterns return.

News Release with more info >> | Visit the Drought Monitor Web Site for more on Drought conditions in Nebraska

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Please note that for a variety of reasons, the Public Access Atlas can change anytime.
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