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Guidelines for Writers and Photographers

I. General Information

NEBRASKAland Magazine is published ten times a year by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, 2200 North 33rd Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68503. Circulation is 30,000. Issues are 52 pages (including covers).

The magazine's content reflects its diverse audience and the specific concerns of its publisher, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Subject matter includes all varieties of outdoor recreation including camping, travel, canoeing, hunting, fishing, Nebraska's state parks and recreation areas, wildlife, natural history, unique personalities, art, culture, history and personal reminiscence. All articles have a strong Nebraska association.

About 90 percent of published articles and photographs are produced by magazine staff writers and photographers. The magazine welcomes freelance submissions and pays $.15 per word of edited text. Freelance submissions for photographs are also welcome, and pay the following rates: Front cover, $250; Inside front cover, $150; Back cover, $100; and $125 per individual page.

II. Guidelines for Writers

A. NEBRASKAland welcomes high-quality articles with a Nebraska slant. Topics may include any of those listed above. Serious, light or humorous treatments are acceptable. "How-to" articles are welcome. Queries are encouraged and can bs sent through the mail with an appropriate SASE or emailed to the magazine's editor at jeff.kurrus@nebraska.gov.

B. First person narratives ("Me and Joe" stories) are likely to be published only if they describe a unique experience, go beyond the simple details of a hunting or fishing trip or are uniquely reminiscent of Nebraska's past.

C. Submissions accompanied by appropriate illustration (photos or art) or appropriate suggestions for illustration are welcome. See Guidelines for Photographers for more information.

D. Stories average about 2,500 words, but lengths range from about 800 words to about 4,000 words. NEBRASKAland follows the conventions of the Associated Press Stylebook and Outdoor Writers Association of America Outdoor Style Manual.

E. Manuscripts must be double-spaced and sent in 12-point font. Electronic files (email attachments) are acceptable, but should be accompanied by a hard copy of the submission. The writer's full address and telephone number must accompany each submission. Unsolicited material will be returned only if accompanied by a SASE.

F. Seasonal material should be submitted at least six months before anticipated publication. Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection within six months.

G. A detailed evaluation of rejected work cannot be provided.

Mail submissions to:
NEBRASKAland Magazine
P.O. Box 30370
Lincoln, NE 68503

III. Guidelines for Photographers

A. An average issue of NEBRASKAland contains more than 40 color photographs, 90 percent or more taken by staff photographers. NEBRASKAland welcomes the submission of high-quality color slides or digital images that illustrate Nebraska's wildlife, parks and recreation areas, outdoor activities, scenery and history. We will not use "blood and guts" bag shots or scenes in which alcohol, cigarettes or blatant advertising are prominent. All hunting and fishing activity pictured must clearly conform to the appropriate legal regulations and to high ethical standards. All scenes must be from Nebraska. Previously unpublished photos are preferred and unsolicited photographs should be accompanied by a SASE.

B. Single-subject or thematically related groups of photos stand a better chance of acceptance than do individual shots or unrelated collections. See past issues of NEBRASKAland for examples of the "color spread" photo essay.

C. Photos accompanied by appropriate text, or with suggestions for accompanying text are welcome. See writers' guidelines for more information.

D. Color: Only original transparencies (slides), 35mm and larger, and high-resolution digital images will be considered for publication. Color prints are not acceptable. Clearly labeled duplicate transparencies are acceptable for review, but original transparencies must be made available for publication. Transparencies should be submitted in protective slide pages and the photographer's name must appear on each slide mount or protective sleeve. Digital submissions must either be high-quality images taken with a camera that has a 6-megapixel or larger digital sensor, or must be film images that have been scanned using a high-end film scanner. Black-and-white photo submissions will also be considered for use in NEBRASKAland, but reproduction details must be worked out with the magazine's art director before final acceptance of the submission. Captions or descriptions keyed to each photo by number are encouraged. Article layout, photo cropping and placement of photo credits and captions will be at the art director's discretion; caption content will be at the editor's discretion.

E. Seasonal material should be submitted at least six months before anticipated publication. A minimum four months lead-time is required. Photos accepted for publication might be held for six months or more.

F. NEBRASKAland cannot provide a detailed critique of rejected photographs.

Mail submissions to:
Jeff Kurrus, Editor
NEBRASKAland Magazine
P.O. Box 30370
Lincoln, NE 68503

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