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Outdoor Nebraska Radio
Tune in to Outdoor Nebraska Radio on your PC for Valuable Tips and Entertaining Stories
Outdoor Nebraska, the weekly radio program produced by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, is heard throughout the state. Each week, Outdoor Nebraska updates listeners on hunting, fishing, camping and recreational opportunities found in the state, as well as in-depth reports on wildlife, fisheries and habitat management.

To listen to this weeks program you need a PC that has sound equipment and a Real Audio or MP3 player. You can download the player for FREE from the real audio web site.

2014 Radio Shows

Outdoor Nebraska Airs April 14-20, 2014
Total Show: 9:46
Part 1-Track 4: 5:20
Open: Take Pride In America Day
Duane Arp: Youth Fish Free
Greg Wagner: Morels Permission
Daryl Bauer: Pallid Broodstock
Stacy Leners-Wine Festival

Part 2-Track 5: 3:01
Craig Wacker-Great Park Pursuit

Part 3-Track 6: 1:25
Dick Turpin-Greasing The Skids

Outdoor Nebraska Airs April 7-13, 2014
Total Show: 9:44
Part 1-Track 1: 5:30
Open: Arbor Day
Duane Arp: Only Toms
Greg Wagner: Moist Heat Turkeys
Daryl Bauer: Combo Fish-Turkey
Alicia Hardin-Stubble for Wildlife

Part 2-Track 2: 2:56
Joel Jorgensen-Falcon Cam

Part 3-Track 3: 1;18
Dick Turpin-Interpreter

Outdoor Nebraska – Airs Mar 31-Apr 6, 2014
Total Time: 8:49

Part 1-Track 4:  4:53
Open: Fencing/Fire Danger
Greg Wagner: Turkey Hunting
Daryl Bauer: Why People Fish
Jeff Fields-Ponca Cooking Workshop

Part 2-Track 5:  2:53
Kevin Holliday-Indian Cave Day 883-2575

Part 3-Track 6:  1:03
Dick Turpin-Knock Knock

Outdoor Nebraska – Airs Mar 24-30, 2014
Total Time: 9:00 

Part 1-Track 1:  4:49
Open:  ATV Event-Pond Fish Kills-Family Camp
Greg Wagner: Reasons To Fish
Daryl Bauer:  Walleye Egg Collection
Lindsay Rogers-Endangered Species Website

Part 2-Track 2:  3:08
Justin Haag-Deer Survey

Part 3-Track 3:  1;03
Dick Turpin-Growing Pains

Outdoor Nebraska – Airs Mar 17-23, 2014
Total Time:  8:26 

Part 1-Track 4:
Open: Prescribed Burns
Jeff Clauson:  Crane Viewing Etiquette
Greg Wagner: Parks & Fitness
Daryl Bauer: Leftover Smelt
Jeff Rawlinson: Ft Kearny Expo

Part 2-Track 5:  2:59
Jim Schmidt-Scouts Plant Trees

Part 3-Track 6:  1:05
Dick Turpin-That'll Teach 'Em

Outdoor Nebraska – Airs Mar 10-16, 2014
Total Time:  8:55 

Part 1-Track 1:  4:47
Open:  Mahoney Theatre Play
Jeff Clauson: Snow Goose Notes
Greg Wagner: Know Fish Regs
Daryl Bauer:  'Sound' Fishing
Chris Vail-ATV Event

Part 2-Track 2:  3:00
Jeff Rawlinson-Turkey Prep

Part 3-Track 3:  1:08
Dick Turpin-Different Feathered Eagle

Outdoor Nebraska Airs March 3-9, 2014
Total 10:08

Part 1-Track 4 5:54
Open: Run Wild Event
Greg Wagner-Pre Turkey Prep
Daryl Bauer-Ice Out Cats
Aaron Hershberger-Dog Conditioning

Part 2-Track 5 2:59
Jeff Fields-Ponca's Marsh Madness

Part 3-Track 6 1:15
Dick Turpin-Can She Shoot

Outdoor Nebraska Airs Feb 24-Mar 2, 2014
Total 9:38

Part 1-Track 1 5:09
Open: Lakes contest
Greg Wagner-Crane Viewing
Daryl Bauer-Trout Stocking
Karie Decker-U.S. Birding Study

Part 2-Track 2 3:20
Paul Dunbar-Birding Record

Part 3-Track 3 1:09
Dick Turpin-Dedicated Lady

Outdoor Nebraska Airs Feb 17-23, 2014
Total 9:21

Part 1-Track 4 4:50
Open: Tax Checkoff/Lake Maps
Greg Wagner: Snow Goose Prep
Daryl Bauer: Possible Record Fish

Part 2-Track 5 3:02
Mike Fritz-Bat Disease

Part 3-Track 6 1:29
Dick Turpin-No Smoking Section

Outdoor Nebraska Airs Feb 10-16, 2014
Total 9:10

Part 1-Track 1 4:53
Open: Snow Geese/Lake Contest
Greg Wagner: Conservation Clubs
Daryl Bauer: Tip Up Tips

Part 2-Track 2 2:53
Todd Nordeen-Deer, Elk, Sheep Projects

Part 3-Track 3 1:24
Dick Turpin-All In Your Head

Outdoor Nebraska Jan. 20-26, 2014
Total  9:23 

Part 1-Track 4  5:19

Open:  Bald Eagle Nests
Jeff Clauson:  Ice Fish Rules
Greg Wagner:  Canoe RSVP
Daryl Bauer:  Tackle Craft
Linda Bryant-Benefit Run for Park

Part 2-Track 5  2:44
Jim Swenson-Campground Hosts

Part 3-Track 6  1:20
Dick Turpin-Honest Mistake

Outdoor Nebraska Jan. 13-19, 2014
Total  8:39  

Part 1-Track 1  4:29

Open:  Scheels Bow Gift/New Guides
Jeff Clauson: Parks Sticker Placement
Greg Wagner:  Eagle Viewing
Daryl Bauer: Depth Finders
Herb Angell-No Boating Fatalities

Part 2-Track 2  2:59
Lindsay Rogers-Biodiversity Display

Part 3-Track 3  1:11
Dick Turpin-Careful Work

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs Jan. 6-12, 2014
Total:  10:12

Part 1-Track 7: 5:27
Open- Nebraska Outdoor U
Greg Wagner-Goose Recipe
Daryl Bauer-Ice Fish Safety
Pete Berthelsen-PF Habitat Meeting

Part 2-Track 8: 3:30
Karen Kollars-Agri/Ecotourism Conference

Part 3-Track 9: 1:15
Dick Turpin-A Reminder

2013 Radio Shows

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs Dec. 30, 2013 - Jan. 5, 2014
Total: 9:13 

Part 1-Track 4: 5:01
Open-Herb Angell/Boating Matters
Greg Wagner-Staying Warm
Daryl Bauer-Ice Fish Workshop
Jim Fuller-NGPC Bucks/Stickers

Part 2-Track 5: 2:39
Adam Offner-Mahoney SuperBowl/Valentine's

Part 3-Track 6: 1:33
Dick Turpin-Surprise Surprise

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs Dec. 23-29, 2013
Total:  9:39

Part 1-Track 1: 5:22
Open-Adam Offner-Mahoney New Years Eve
Greg Wagner-Resolve To Volunteer
Daryl Bauer-2014 Fishing Forecast

Part 2-Track 2: 3:06
Jeff Rawlinson-Squirrel Hunting

Part 3-Track 3: 1:11
Dick Turpin-Tis The Season

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs Dec. 16-23, 2013
Total:  10:07

Part 1-Track 4: 5:25
Open:  Magazine Special/Parks Winter Events
Greg Wagner-Trout Recipe
Daryl Bauer-Fish Diary
Kristal Stoner-NE Wildlife Cons. Fund

Part 2-Track 5:  3:13
Daryl Bauer-2014 Fish Fcst

Part 3-Track 6:  1:29
Dick Turpin-Backfires

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs Dec. 9-15, 2013
Total:  10:05

Part 1-Track 1: 5:28
Open: Xmas play-Buff.Bill Xmas-Winterfests
Greg Wagner:  Cabins
Daryl Bauer:  Ice Bibs-Parkas
News:  Deer-Magazine-Females Outdoors

Part 2-Track 2:  3:24
Teresa Lombard-Hunters Help Hungry Update

Part 3-Track 3:  1:13

Dick Turpin-Good Mama

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs Dec 2-8, 2013

Total:  9:11    Part 1-Track 7:  5:30
Open:  New Outdoor Website/Xmas Play
Greg Wagner-Mobile Apps
Daryl Bauer-Treble Hooks & Split Rings
Aric Riggins-Xmas at the Codys

Part 2-Track 8:  2:37
Jim Swenson-Park Winterfests

Part 3-Track 9:  1:04
Dick Turpin-We Deliver

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs Nov 25-Dec 1, 2013

Total:  8:59    Part 1-Track 4: 4:46
Open:  Nebland Mag./Discount Cabins
Greg Wagner-Lifetime Permit
Daryl Bauer-Stocking Stuffers
Jeff Rawlinson-Archery On Fire Event

Part 2-Track 5:  3:05
Joel Jorgensen-Bird Counts

Part 3-Track 6:  1:08
Dick Turpin-Grounded

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs Nov 18-24, 2013

Total:  9:27    Part 1-Track 1: 4:42
Open: 2 day permit/pheasant releases
Greg Wagner-Pheasant Loafing Cover
Daryl Bauer-Ice Fish Prep
Adam Offner-Mahoney Craft Show

Part 2-Track 2: 3:35
Donna Leonard-More Women Outdoors

Part 3-Track 3:  1:10
Dick Turpin-Not Til I'm Through

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs November 11-17, 2013
Total Time:  9:31

Part 1-Track 4: 5:42
Open: Wildlife Viewing Grants/Youth
Pheasant Results
Greg Wagner: Flashlight & Deer Woods
Daryl Bauer: Kitchen Fish Prep
Tracy Stratman-Park Pursuit Winners

Part 2-Track 5:  3:15
Jeff Carney-New Outdoor Webpage

Part 3-Track 6  1:30
Dick Turpin-Happy Ending

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs November 4-10, 2013
Total Time:  9:31

Part 1-Track 1: 5:34
Open: New Outdoor Website-Rooster
Road Trip-Buffalo Auction
Greg Wagner: Deer Venison Programs
Daryl Bauer: Early Fish Forecast
Michael Streeter-Deer Safety Tips

Part 2-Track 2:  3:08
Kit Hams-Deer Firearm Season

Part 3-Track 3  1:03
Dick Turpin-Turnabout

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs October 28-November 3, 2013
Total Time:  9:31

Part 1-Track 4: 4:52
Open: Walleye-Pike Stockings
Greg Wagner: Hunter Health
Daryl Bauer: State Record Updates
Kirk Nelson-Holiday Cabins

Part 2-Track 5:  2:45
Jeff Rawlinson-Youth First Gun

Part 3-Track 6  1:04
Dick Turpin-Comes With The Turf

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs October 21-27, 2013
Total Time:  9:21

Part 1-Track 1: 4:57
Open: Walgren Reopens
Greg Wagner: Deer Exchange
Daryl Bauer: Fall Turnover
News: Mtn Lion Permits/Upland Bird Seasons/
Cabin Discounts/Nebland Magazine/Fort
Atkinson event/Hunters Help Hungry

Part 2-Track 2:  3:19
Jeff Rawlinson-Waterfowl Matters

Part 3-Track 3  1:05
Dick Turpin-Bagged Evidence

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs October 14-20, 2013
Total Time:  9:49

Part 1-Track 4: 4:53
Open: Mtn Lion Auction Permit
Greg Wagner: Hypothermia
Daryl Bauer: Fall Fronts & Fishing
Kristal Stoner: Wildlife Viewing Grants

Part 2-Track 5:  3:37
Kit Hams-Deer & Vehicles

Part 3-Track 6  1:19
Dick Turpin-C.O. Duties

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs October 7-13, 2013
Total Time:  9:56

Part 1-Track 1: 5:22
Open: Arbor Lodge Living History/
High School Silhouette Champion
Greg Wagner: Cabin Discounts
Daryl Bauer: Fall Trout Stockings
Jeff Kurrus: Nebraskaland Online

Part 2-Track 2:  3:07
Mike Groenewold-Fall Tree Plantings

Part 3-Track 3  1:27
Dick Turpin-Pleasant Disposition

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs Sept 30-Oct 6, 2013
Total Time:  9:48  

Part 1-Track 4: 4:48
Open-Recreation Grants Deadline
Greg Wagner-Home Baits for Trout
Daryl Bauer-Fishing Local Waters
Teresa Lombard-Hunters Help Hungry Update

Part 2-Track 5:  3:37
Steve Hornady-Ammunition Supply

Part 3-Track 6:  1:23
Dick Turpin-On The Ball

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs Sept 23-29, 2013
Total Time:  9:42  

Part 1-Track 1: 5:32
Open-Family Rendevous Event-Ft Atk. Living
History-Mahoney Art Show-Mtn Lion Permit-
Hunt Permit Discount
Greg Wagner-Habitat Reminders
Daryl Bauer-Fall Fishing Presentations
Jane Gustafson-Outdoor News Email Lists

Part 2-Track 2:  3:10
Jeff Fields-Ponca in October

Part 3-Track 3:  1:00
Dick Turpin-That Tears It

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs Sept 16-22, 2013
Total Time:  10:02  

Part 1-Track 4: 5:56
Open- Disc Golf Tourney, Mahoney Art Show,
Ponca mud run & Homemade Day
Mtn Lion Application
Greg Wagner-Kids Intro To Hunting
Daryl Bauer-Catfish Study

Part 2-Track 5:  2:58
Jeff Rawlinson-Archery Deer Discussion

Part 3-Track 6:  1:08
Dick Turpin-Accidental Insult

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs Sept 9-15, 2013
Total Time: 9:17 

Part 1-Track 1: 4:52
Open-Great Park Pursuit-Turkey Season-
Platte Valley Deer Hunt Opp
Greg Wagner-Tree Stand Safety
Daryl Bauer-Conestoga Lake Rehab
News: Missouri River Outdoor Expo,
Ponca Mud Run, Art at Arbor Lodge,
Family Camp, Mtn Lion Application
Part 2-Track 2:  3:00
Jeff Rawlinson-Grouse Season

Part 3-Track 3:  1:25
Dick Turpin-Adaptability

Outdoor Nebraska Airs 9/2-8/2013
Show: 9:11  
Part 1-Track 4:  4:53
Open: High School Silhouette Tourney
Greg Wagner:  Fall Turkey
Daryl Bauer:  Canal Reservoir News
Jeff Rawlinson-Public Access Atlas

Part 2-Track 5:  3:05
Missouri River Outdoor Expo-Jeff Fields

Part 3-Track 6:  1:13
Dick Turpin-Silly Goose

Outdoor Nebraska Airs 8/26-9/1/2013
Show: 9:41
Part 1-Track 1: 5:41
Open: Outdoor Family Camp
Greg Wagner:  Grouse Hunting
Daryl Bauer:  Late Summer Panfish
Mark Vrtiska:  Waterfowl Updates

Part 2-Track 2:  2:40
Nebr. Parks App & Tour-Brett Melillo

Part 3-Track 3:  1:20
Dick Turpin-Skill Over Equipment

Outdoor Nebraska-Air Aug. 19-25, 2013
Total:  9:04  
Segment 1-Track 4:  4:50
Open:  Fire Truck for Chadron State Park/
Outdoors Woman Program
Greg Wagner:  HIP/Dove Care
Daryl Bauer:  Willow Lake Renovation
Mike Groenewold-Buck Rub Problems

Segment 2-Track 5:  2:54
Jeff Rawlinson-Dove Decoy Tips

Segment 3-Track 6:  1:20
Dick Turpin-Lazy or Smart?

Outdoor Nebraska-Air Aug. 15-18, 2013
Total: 9:20 
Segment 1-Track 1: 5:13
Open: Safe Boating-Hunting Stats/
Parks & Magazine/Carpathon
Greg Wagner: Parks & Football
Daryl Bauer:  Monster Catfish
Jeff Blaser-Bullfrog Season

Segment 2-Track 2:  2:53
Jeff Rawlinson-Squirrel Season

Segment 3-Track 3:  1:14
Dick Turpin-Familiar Habitats

Outdoor Nebraska: Air 8/5-11/13
Total Time: 9:08  
Part 1-Track 4: 4:37
Open:  AkSarben Aquarium
Greg Wagner:  Hot Weather Fishing
Daryl Bauer: Lower Water Fishing
Russ Wilkie-Victoria Springs

Part 2-Track 5:  3:08
Mark Vrtiska-Duck Breeding Survey

Part 3-Track 6: 1:23
Dick Turpin-Losing Your Lunch

Outdoor Nebraska: Air 7/29-8/4/13
Total Time: 10:18 
Part 1-Track 1: 5:07
Open: Tank Float/Fishing Nite/
Trail Grants/Supertag Winner
Greg Wagner: Catfish Bait Tip
Daryl Bauer: Fishing Cues and Clues
Tim McCoy-Mtn Lion 1

Part 2-Track 2:  3:48
Tim McCoy 2-Mtn Lion Season

Part 3-Track 3:  1:23
Dick Turpin-Tough Taste Test

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs July 22-28, 2013
Total Time:  10:21 

Segment 1-Track 4:  6:25
Open:  Fish Nights/B.O.W./Star Party
Greg Wagner-Hunting Conditioning
Daryl Bauer-Master Angler Fish
Dan Sutherland-Willow Creek SRA

Segment 2-Track 5:  3:03
Mark Vrtiska-Canada Goose Report

Segment 3-Track 6:  :53
Dick Turpin-Smart Mouth

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs July 15-21, 2013
Total Time:  9:28 

Segment 1-Track 1: 5:19
Open:  Gifford Point Permits-Falcon Name
Contest-Fish Instructors-Fish Nights
Greg Wagner-Early Hunting Reminders
Daryl Bauer-Catfish Spawn
Julia Plugge-Women’s Tank Float

Segment 2-Track 2:  3:04
Brenda Ketcham-Kites & Castles

Segment 3-Track 3:  1:05
Dick Turpin-Smarter Than Avg. Deer

Outdoor Nebraska-Airs 6/24-30/13
Total Time: 9:57 

Segment 1-Track 4: 5:35

Open: Parks Fireworks-Ft Rob. Art Show-
Supertag-Ft Hartsuff Fair-Ft Atkinson…
Greg Wagner-90’ Rule
Daryl Bauer-Summer bass tips
Greg Wagner-Pay Back Landowner

Segment 2-Track 5:  3:03
Aaron Hershberger-Kids Camps

Segment 3-Track 6:   1:19
Dick Turpin-Casual Observer

Outdoor Nebraska-Airs 6/17-23/2013
Total Time:  9:04 

Segment 1-Track 1: 5:44

Open: Archery Winner, Supertag, Fort
Hartsuff Fair, Dove Survey
Greg Wagner-Swimming
Daryl Bauer-Lake Improvements
Larry Pape-High School Fish Tourney

Segment 2-Track 2:  2:21
Jeff Rawlinson-Outdoor Woman Weekend

Segment 3-Track 3:  :59
Dick Turpin-Famous Last Words

Outdoor Nebraska-Air June 10-16, 2013
Total Time  9:00

Segment 1-Track 4  4:50
Open-Family Fishing Nights
Greg Wagner:  Parks RSVP
Daryl Bauer: Bucket Biology
Mike Groenewold-EAB Threat

Segment 2-Track 5  3:04
Dianne Burress Sodhouse Sunday

Segment 3-Track 6  1:06
Dick Turpin-Is This Planet Earth?

Outdoor Nebraska-Air June 3-9, 2013
Total Time 9:41

Segment 1-Track 1
Open: Cowboy Trail bridge Replaced
Fort Rob./Mahoney Theatres
Greg Wagner: Wildlife Babies
Daryl Bauer:  Electrofishing
Teeg Stouffer recognized

Segment 2-Track 2  3:06
Jeff Uhrich-Ash Hollow pageant

Segment 3-Track 3   1:46
Dick Turpin-Old Porcupine

Outdoor Nebraska Air 5/27-6/2, 2013
Total Time: 9:40 Segment 1-Track 4: 5:10
Open-High School Fish Tourney/
Terns & Plovers
Greg Wagner:  Float Trips
Daryl Bauer:  Bluegill Spawn
Amy Kucera-Ponca State Park

Segment 2-Track 5:  3:17
Ken Cobb-Medicine Creek SRA

Segment 3-Track 6: 1:13
Dick Turpin-Dollars and Sense

Outdoor Nebraska  Air May 20-26, 2013
Total Time: 10:23 Segment 1-Track 1: 5:37
Open-Mo.River flood land program/
Plays in parks.
Greg Wagner: Go Fish Campaign
Daryl Bauer: No live bait fishing
Rick Otto-Ashfall SHP

Track 2-Segment 2:  3:22
Jeff Bargar-Rock Creek Station

Track 3-Segment 3:  1:24
Dick Turpin-Let Go Rodent

Outdoor Nebraska Air May 13-19, 2013
Total Time:  8:39 

Segment 1-Track 4: 4:47
Open-CRP Meetings/Fish Contest
Greg Wagner:  State Historical Parks
Daryl Bauer:  May Fish Tips
Herb Angell-Hypothermia

Segment 2-Track 5:  2:20
Jeff Rawlinson-Skills Camps

Segment 3-Track 6: 1:32
Dick Turpin-Shocking Result

Outdoor Nebraska  Air May 6-12, 2013
Total Time:  8:21 

Segment 1-Track 1:
Open-Free Park/Fish Day-Summit Lake
Greg Wagner:   Graduation Gift
Daryl Bauer:  Free Fish Day Clinincs
News:  Free Park-Fish Day Events

Track 2-Segment 2:  3:16
Jeff Lusk-April Survey

Track 3-Segment 3:  1:04
Dick Turpin-That’s My Dad

Outdoor Nebraska: Air Apr.29-May 5, 2013
Total Time:  9:12 
Segment 1-Track 4: 4:45
Open: Supertag
Greg Wagner:  Wild Asparagus
Daryl Bauer: High School Fish Tourney

Segment 2-Track 5:  3:14
Dave Tunink/Zebra Mussels

Segment 3-Track 6:  1:13
Dick Turpin-Check List

Outdoor Nebraska: Air Apr. 22-28, 2013
Total Time:  9:15  
Segment 1-Track 1:  4:54
Open:  Stubble For Wildlife
Greg Wagner:  Hypothermia Awareness
Daryl Bauer:  Fishing Event Trailer
Kristal Stoner-Run Wild Event

Segment 2-Track 2:  2:58
Kirk Nelson-Parks Overview

Segment 3-Track 3: 1:23
Dick Turpin-Spotlighting Story

Outdoor Nebraska: Air Week 4/15-21/2013
Total Time:  9:45  

Segment 1-Track 4:  5:11
Open: Boat Classes/Fort Rob. Playhouse
Greg Wagner:  Morels & Trespassing
Daryl Bauer:  Fish For Millions Contest
Michelle Stryker-Great Park Pursuit
Segment 2-Track 5:  3:22
Teresa Lombard: Hunters Helping Hungry Update
Segment 3-Track 6:  1:12
Dick Turpin-Chasing One’s Tail

Outdoor Nebraska: Air Week 4/8-14/2013
Total Time:  8:32 

Segment 1-Track 1: 
Open: Reseeding Burnt Pine Ridge
Greg Wagner:  Shotgun Turkey Safety
Daryl Bauer:  Earth Day-Trash
Jane Gustafson: ½ Priced Youth Permits
Segment 2-Track 2:  3:03
Kevin Holliday-Indian Cave State Park
Segment 3-Track 3:  1:20
Dick Turpin-Freak Accidents

Outdoor Nebraska-Air Week 4/1-7/2013
Total Time:  9:18  

Segment 1-Track 4:  4:45
Open: Fort Hartsuff Living History
Greg Wagner:  Fence Row Growth
Daryl Bauer:  Reservoir Updates
Suzanne Ridder-Summit Lake

Segment 2-Track 5:  3:21
Mitch Coffin-New Noxious Weed

Segment 3-Track 6:  1:12
Dick Turpin-Ignorance Is Not Bliss


Outdoor Nebraska-Air Week 3/25-31/2013
Total Time: 9:30   Segment 1-Track 1:  4:53
Open: Turkey Season/Mahoney State Park Art Show
Greg Wagner:  Early Parks Visits
Daryl Bauer: Pike Spawn
Joel Jorgensen-Eagle Event

Segment 2-Track 2:  3:35
Bill Frakes/Professional Photographer

Segment 3-Track 3:  1:03
Dick Turpin-See Ya Later, Gator

Outdoor Nebraska:  Airs March 18-24, 2013
Total Time: 10:23  

Segment 1-Track 4:  5:47
Open: Outdoor Woman/Indian Cave Park events
Greg Wagner-Turkey Season/Calls
Daryl Bauer-Walleye Spawning
Adam Offner-Mahoney Events

Segment 2-Track 5:  3:34
Kit Hams-Deer Harvest news

Segment 3-Track 6:  1:02
Dick Turpin-Echo Relocation

Outdoor Nebraska: Airs March 11-17, 2013
Total Time: 8:12

Segment 1-Track 1
:  4:55
Open:  WaterWonder online game
Greg Wagner-River Catfishing
Daryl Bauer-Trout Stockings
Lindsay Rogers-Growing Up Wild Workshops

Segment 2-Track 2:  2:15
Todd Nordeen-Alan Whited
Elk-Bighorn Sheep Trapping

Segment 3-Track 3:  1:12
Dick Turpin-Only The Nose Knows

Outdoor Nebraska  Week of 3/4-3/10/2013
Total Time:  9:36 
Segment 1-Track 4: 5:28
Open-Conservation Fund
Greg Wagner-Overlooked Birding
Daryl Bauer-Unconventional Early Spring Baits
Bryce Lambley-Outdoor Author

Segment 2-Track 5: 2:58
Jake Holt-Landowner Habitat Tips

Segment 3-Track 6:  1:10
Dick Turpin:  A Skunk Scourge

Outdoor Nebraska Week of 2/25-3/3/2013
Total Time:  9:34 
Segment 1-Track 1:  5:14
Open with Jeff Blaser/Farm Pond Fish Kills
Greg Wagner-Boat Reminders
Daryl Bauer-Trout Stocking
Julia Plugge-Women’s Programs in March

Segment 2-Track 2:  3:05
Mike Platt-New Fishing Products

Segment 3-Track 3:  1:15
Dick Turpin:  A Creak Near A Creek

Outdoor Nebraska  Week  Feb. 18-24, 2013
Total Time: 9:47  
Segment 1-Track 4:  5:21
Open: Crane & Grouse Viewing
Greg Wagner:  Early Parks Visits
Daryl Bauer:  Save Ice Fishing Bait
Kevin Poague-Rivers & Wildlife Celebration

Segment 2-Track 5: 3:22
Kristal Stoner-Conservation Fund

Segment 3-Track 6:  1:04
Dick Turpin:  Just One More Favor

Outdoor Nebraska Week Feb. 11-17. 2013
Total Time: 10:01 
Segment 1-Track 1: 5:09
Open:  Dianne Burress-Bowring Poetry-Music Jam
Greg Wagner:  Field Prepping Snow Geese
Daryl Bauer:  Youth Instructor Workshop
Amy Kucera-Ponca/Marsh Madness

Segment 2-Track 2: 3:22
Lindsay Rogers-Wildlife Kits & Trunks

Segment 3-Track 3:  1:30
Dick Turpin-Poor Excuse

Outdoor Nebraska   Week Feb 4-10, 2013
Total Time: 8:15   Segment 1-Track 4:  4:30
Open: 3 new Game & Parks public relations hires
Greg Wagner:  Antler Sheds
Daryl Bauer:  Late Ice Safety
News:  Multiyear permits/Wildcat Hills
‘Preserve-less’/Fish Instructor Workshop/

Segment 2-Track 5:  2:51
Kathy McPhilip/New Tourism Guide

Segment 3-Track 6:  :54
Dick Turpin:  Something To Crow About

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