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Stupid People
10/26/2014 8:25:59 AM
Conestoga Lake SRA
Hunting Reports
I decided to go out last night to the lake for a couple hours of what I thought would be a relaxing night of hunting showed up to the lake not a soul around walked into a clearing where I hunt turkey in spring noticed a tree stand and figured I would use it after all it's on public ground and nobody else was there (I also have a tree stand up at a different lake and it was occupied by someone else so I moved on and picked this spot) about an hour into my hunt I have a kid walk in on me now I say kid because what would happen later I wouldn't call him a man about 20 minutes to dark he comes crashing back threw the woods and b lines it right over to me cussing and telling me if he see's me in this spot again he will put arrows into my tires because he is tired of having stuff stolen from him hello public ground gunna happen, it has happen to me, so me being the cooler head at this point I tell him it public ground first come first serve!!!! I have never!!!! Been so frustrated in my years of hunting I figure with all the permits and stickers and stamps I buy I have the right to hunt public as well!!!!!! Just thought I would share....
Big Mac
10/18/2014 9:00:06 PM
Wellfleet WMA
Hunting Reports
Great southwest Nebraska bull elk hunt in the Box Elder Unit. Called a 6 x 6 bull in from over 400 yards using a cow and calf call. Killed him with one shot from a 30.06. 180 grain Winchester Power Point retained 76% of it's mass. We have eaten elk loin steak, elk roast and elk stew and all of it has been excellent! Hard to beat corn and soybean fed elk. Have not gotten him scored yet but he is a trophy as far as I am concerned.
doug mercer
10/14/2014 7:49:19 PM
Calamus Reservoir SRA and WMA
Outdoor Reports
had excellent success on white bass and wipers that weren't in feed mode until afternoon...Dales Slabs casted not vertical jig time yet for the points east and west of Homesteads ramp. the lake is; still me and the little white dogs" dougmercer c
Bill Wiley
9/29/2014 7:00:19 AM
Calamus Reservoir SRA and WMA
Hunting Reports
Upland Game
Grouse Hunting: Hunted for 3 days. Temperatures in low 80's each day with wind gusting 10-20 mph. Bird numbers were good with birds located on high hills on lee side of hill and some located in "bowls" near tops of hills where wind was minimal. Some birds flushed early while others set tighter. Sharp-tailed grouse were only harvested with no prairie chicken even seen.
matt prokopec
9/14/2014 1:46:44 AM
American Game Marsh WMA
Fish Reports
Channel catfish
Still fishing
8 lbs
Good catfish on goldfish from shore