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This searchable database contains trophy whitetail, mule deer, pronghorn antelope and elk taken in Nebraska since 1945. You can search the database by species type, weapon used, year and by the hunter's name. The last name is optional. If you leave the hunter's name box empty, all records will be shown. If you have any questions or comments about the Big Game Trophy Database, email Randy Stutheit

Year of Kill Score Species Weapon Type County First Name Last Name City
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1969 160 7/8 Whitetail Deer Firearm Typical CASS WM WEGENER LOUISVILLE, NE Details
2007 174 1/8 Whitetail Deer Firearm Non-Typical WASHINGTON Mickey Weiand OMAHA, NE Details
2010 137 1/8 Whitetail Deer Archery Typical KNOX Mike Weibelhaus NORFOLK, NE Details
1985 150 3/8 Whitetail Deer Firearm Typical JEFFERSON Donald Weichel PLYMOUTH, NE Details
2003 159 2/8 Whitetail Deer Archery Typical DOUGLAS Mark Weidaman OMAHA, NE Details
2003 146 4/8 Whitetail Deer Archery Typical DODGE Jeff Weidert OMAHA, NE Details
2003 132 4/8 Whitetail Deer Archery Typical DODGE Jeff Weidert OMAHA, NE Details
1995 167 Mule Deer Firearm Typical CHERRY TED WEIGHSELBAUM PIERCE, NE Details
1983 155 1/8 Whitetail Deer Firearm Typical GAGE Marlin Weiner BLUE SPRINGS, NE Details
1981 159 3/8 Mule Deer Firearm Typical LINCOLN Glen Weinman ARNOLD, NE Details
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