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Wildlife Management Areas

Schilling WMA

This area was acquired in 1954 and developed by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission with Pittman-Robertson funds from the federal excise tax on hunting equipment. Originally named Plattsmouth Waterfowl Management Area, the name was changed in 1980 to honor Randall W. Schilling, manager of the area, who died in a plane crash while on a deer survey along the Missouri River.

Bordered by the Missouri and Platte rivers, the 1,755-acre area is administered by the Commission's Wildlife Division. With 25 acres of water, it provides resting, feeding, and limited breeding grounds for waterfowl.

The area is open to fishing and hunting, subject to special area regulations.

Summer Recreation

The area is normally open year-round to the public daily for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. Occasionally access is prohibited due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. No overnight camping is allowed.

Fishing is the primary summer sport. The area provides bank fishing access to 2 miles of the Missouri River and 1/2 mile of the Platte River. Cat-fishermen particularly like the confluence of the Platte and Missouri rivers. In addition, some 14 rock levees extend into the deep channel of the Missouri and provide ideal haunts for both fish and fishermen. Pond anglers can try their luck for bullheads in the 25-acre "goose" lake.

General Regulations

Schilling WMA includes all contiguous land which is the property of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, including acres land along the Missouri and Platte rivers.

All regulations governing state-controlled areas; littering, etc., are in effect at Schilling.
Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

All public use activity is subject to the provisions of the appropriate state or federal laws and regulations.

General regulations governing methods of taking, shooting hours, and legal firearms shall apply except as otherwise provided. All other species of game and nongame birds and animals are protected by law. Target and blue rock shooting is prohibited - only shotguns using shot, bow and arrows, and crossbows shall be allowed. A special youth dove hunt takes place on the north portion of the property the first four days of dove season. Contact the area manager or the district offices in Lincoln for an application - 402-471-5597.

For information, call or write to:
Area Manager
Schilling Wildlife Management Area
PO. Box 525
Plattsmouth, NE 68048-0525
Phone: 402-296-0041

Report any violations you observe by calling:
Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers hotline at 1 (800) 742-7627 or contacting your nearest conservation officer any time.

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