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A Blueprint for Conserving Wildlife and their Habitats

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The Nebraska Natural Legacy Project
is part of a nationwide effort to address the needs of declining wildlife. Forty Biologically Unique Landscapes (BULs) are considered to be some of the last strongholds in Nebraska for many species. Nebraska's biological treasures include 60 amphibian and reptile species, 80 fish species, 400 bird species, 85 mammal species, 1470 plant species and tens of thousands of invertebrate species. Of these, more than two dozen species of plants and animals in Nebraska are listed as threatened or endangered. Overall, more than 700 species have been identified as at-risk in Nebraska. The Natural Legacy Project conserves this rich natural heritage while providing private landowners opportunities to use voluntary conservation incentives. Natural Legacy's partners strive for the recovery, stability, and growth of native species, communities, and priority landscapes.

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Why Wildlife?

Wildlife and their habitats play an integral role in the lives of Nebraskans. Creating or enhancing wildlife habitat is beneficial in that it can add beauty and enjoyment to our lives. We benefit from wildlife and their habitats in aesthetic, recreational, social, educational, ecological, and economical ways. It only makes sense to do our part to ensure the viability of Nebraska's wildlife habitat.

Nebraska's Tier I At-risk Species

The Nebraska Natural Legacy Project is designed for all Nebraskans. The task of wildlife conservation across Nebraska will only be successful when landowners, government agencies, and conservation and agricultural organizations collaborate to improve habitat. The Natural Legacy Project brings together dozens of organizations representing the conservation and agricultural community to continue developing a shared vision for the future of wildlife conservation. Partners collaborate to develop the strategies necessary to conserve the broadest array of wildlife possible. Natural Legacy Partners work together on behalf of the wildlife resources Nebraskans cherish so deeply.

For more information, contact:

Kristal Stoner
Wildlife Diversity Program Manager

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