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March 2012 - A few days ago, we captured this incredible video from the webcam.  The Peregrine Falcon pair is together at the nestbox.  The male is inside the nestbox and the female is on the roof.  Suddenly, the male takes flight and after about thirty seconds, returns and the sequence ends in the pair mating.    This means the female may be laying her first egg in the very near future.  If you watch the video closely, you can see the male flying off in the distance starting at about 0:53 seconds.  


Capitol Peregrine Falcon Chick Banded

LINCOLN, Neb. – June 7, 2011 - One male peregrine falcon chick from a nest box near the top of the Nebraska State Capitol building was banded and given a checkup on June 7.

Peregrine female A/*Y laid three eggs about the second week of April and, with the help of her mate 19/K, hatched two eggs during mid-May. The same pair has been present at the Capitol since 2005.

Performing the banding were Joel Jorgensen and Lauren Dinan from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Janet Stander of Raptor Recovery Nebraska and falconer Mark Churchill.

The 18-day old chick was taken from the nest box located on the 18th floor. The biologists placed unique bands on both legs, took blood samples, checked for diseases and parasites before returning the falcon to the nest box.

“The banding went very well and the chick appears to be in very good shape,” Jorgensen said.

Falcon fans can enter a contest to name the check by visiting OutdoorNebraska.org or the peregrine display near the first-floor information desk at the Capitol. The public may continue to watch the chicks grow over the next few weeks, via streaming video, on Game and Parks’ FalconCam.

The Capitol peregrines successfully produced one young falcon in 2005, three in ’06, four in ’07, four in ’09, and three in ’10. In 2008, the pair laid eggs but was unsuccessful in raising young.

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